Recommendations & Endorsements

Name: Stephen Sseruwu
Country: Uganda
Function: Electrical engineering teacher en Head of Department TEVSA, responsible for interschool exams
Where: SOS Technical High School, Kigali, Rwanda

Mr. Ruud was posted to SOS Technical High School in Kigali Rwanda as a Technical Advisor through the TEVSA/GIZ education support program. He openly shared his experience and hands on trainings with us ranging from domestic installations, basic and advanced motors starting, air-conditioning and refrigeration, to higher level skills such as Electro-pneumatics and electro-hydraulics trainings.

As a result, highly demand driven competence based learning lesson plans were ensured, the same CBL lesson plans  are being used in my teachings to-date, and ended up with my promotion from a teacher to national local trainer and lastly to national master trainer.

I hail Mr. Ruud’s social skills, technical expertise and commitment working with teachers and practicing technicians.

Name: Abdullah Joseph Omba
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Function: Electrical engineering teacher en Head of Department SOS THS
Where: SOS Technical High School, Kigali, Rwanda

Mr.Ruud Van Neerven was a Technical Adviser working for GIZ Rwanda based at SOS TECHNICAL SCHOOL

I worked with Mr.Ruud Van Neerven in his role as technical advisor at SOS TECHNIAL HIGH SCHOOL through TEVSA, for a period of more than 4 years.

He did a lot of work to upgrade the technical skills and competences of teachers in Electricity all over the country as well technicians from the private sector, leading to a better economic performance and thus helping to reach sustainability. The target group for TVET were teachers training in VTC (vocational Training centers) and TSS (Technical Secondary Schools).

I testify that by working with Mr Ruud Van Neerven I was able to become a National Master Trainer in Electricity and got more experience through his good social and Technical skills.

Name: Hester van de Kuilen
Country: the Netherlands

Function: Pedagogy Expert
Where: Kigali, Rwanda

I met Ruud in Rwanda where he introduced me to GIZ. Working with Ruud was a great pleasure. Not only because of his sincere commitment, but also because of his expertise combined with good social skills. Ruud can set things in motion thanks to those skills. He is able to keep a good overview and is always looking for opportunities keeping in mind the constraints of the context. 

Name: Kiba Muvunyi
Country: Rwanda
Function: Director SOS technical high school
Where: Kigali, Rwanda

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