UNDOS, United Nations Department of Operational Support
TPP, Triangular Partnership Project
RDEC, Rapid Deployment of Enabling Capabilities


To provide regional African military forces with non-lethal practical skill to enable them to go on peace keeping missions within the region. Main target, engineering skills

My role

Training manager

Lead Company

United Nations, Department of Peace Keeping Operations

Training location

In Kenya I held the position of training manager. As part of the management team, I together with the relevant partners aligned all partners to established a holistic training approach whereby the whole scale of tasks, such as plant operators, mechanics and engineering project managers, needed for engineering work were represented. Among others things I was responsible for the training curriculum, the development of new trainings and the documentation of the implemented training program. On top of that I had the responsibility for local hired interpreters and was involved in stakeholder workshop moderation and VIP liaison.